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[IC] Backdated to October 6th

[ Today, in Frodo's cabin, there's a hobbit bending over in pain ]

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[OOC] Notes

Just for my own reference! And to be edited when I think of more things,

- The entire fellowship journey took thirteen months.

- The Hobbits had a distinct calendar: every year started on a Saturday and ended on a Friday, with each of the twelve months consisting of thirty days. Some special days did not belong to any month - Yule 1 and 2 (New Year's Eve & New Years Day) and three Lithedays in mid-summer. Every fourth year there was an extra Litheday, most likely as an adaptation, similar to a leap year, to ensure that the calendar stayed synchronised with the seasons.

- List of hobbits.

- Birthday - 22 September 2968

- I'm uncertain about his age in the movies! Because he's 33 at the end of Bilbo's party, but 50 when he set out. IDK either way, he's definitely hobbit-adult :|

- He was stabbed on the 6th of October and poisoned on March 13th. The wound will never really heal and on those anniversaries, he feels the pain once more.

- Frodo is well-aware that he could go on the ship to the Grey Havens (it's foreshadowed in the chapter just after Aragorn's coronation, bookverse -
Galadriel had made a special prayer to the Valar that Frodo be allowed to pass into the West, and Arwen also asked Gandalf, as an emissary of the Valar, to intercede on Frodo's behalf.)

- His parents drowned when he was 12

- In Old English, fród means "wise by experience."
For the name Baggins, Tolkien intended to recall the word "bag." The associated name Bag End was meant to imply "cul-de-sac." This was the local name of Tolkien's aunt's farm in Worcestershire, which was located at the end of a lane that led no further.
Baggins may also be a reference to bagging, a term used in northern England for eating between meals.

- NAMES - Frodo Baggins, Elf-friend, Mr. Underhill, Bronwe athan Harthad (Endurance Beyond Hope, named such by Gandalf), Daur (noble in Sidarin), Maura Labingi (his hobbit name in Westron) AND OF COURSE BINGO BAGGINS!!


[OOC] Chan

Just so people know!


Come join us!


[IC] Pre-intro

... What is this place?

[OOC] Stats/Permissions

Age: Over 50! Uhh I think the entire book took about a year and a half, so around 51-52 I guess
Height: 4 something, the height of a child
Weight: He's slimmer than most hobbits, who tend to be rather plump.
Medical Info: He's missing his index finger on his left hand! On certain dates, he becomes sick and plagued (March something and October 21st, I believe. I need to recheck this).
Blood type: ... Are there blood types in LoTR 
Hair: Brown
Physical traits: NORMAL HOBBIT.
What's Okay To Mention Around Him: Hahaha, he'll shut up about his personal woes and injuries and so on. Frodo's very private.
Abilities: Can speak a little Elvish? He has a sensitivity to "dark things" which probably hasn't completely worn off from the loss of the ring.
Notes for the Psychics: THE RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING  I mean, you've seen the movies right? RIGHT?
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Yes, but my mafia will step in. Fair warning
Can I kiss/makeout/etc: dfhfgh I. YES???
Maim/Murder/Death: Talk to me, first.
Cooking: Sam cooks, not me.



Character: Frodo Baggins
Series: The Lord of the Rings - [movieverse]
Character Age: 50+
Counselor Job: Ring-Bearer
Canon: Remember kids, if you're ever battling against the armies of good, attach your life force to a Ring of Power. Which is what the Dark Lord Sauron did and thus, he escaped death. And the Ring of Power he used? Was lost for countless of years until it was discovered by a peace-loving hobbit by the name of Bilbo Baggins. Unfortunately for Middle-Earth, Sauron seems to want his precious ring back at any cost. Fortunately, for Bilbo who's gotten too old for adventures has passed it down to Frodo, who sets off on a quest to destroy the ring once and for all.

Bookish and soft-spoken, Frodo is very unlike normal hobbits who have more of a penchant for food and drink. Yet despite that, Frodo has an inner optimistic quality of him and a backbone too, willing to stand up for what he feels is right, even at the cost to himself. Still, that doesn't mean Frodo is without any flaws as he can be quite irritable when he's questioned, often lashing out without thinking of the consequences. Carrying the burden of the Ring has filled his life with a bittersweet air, but kind and trusting, Frodo Baggins keeps on hoping. After all, he's not alone.

Frodo is taken from just after Aragorn's coronation ceremony.

Sample Post

This is a special occasion, one that shall be honoured throughout the ages. For the union of two different, yet unique people are coming together in this day, and such moments must be treasured as they will be a beacon. At least, that is what I foresee and what I hope, for this was my true purpose, beyond any other. The Shadow has left us with a taint, a taint that still lingers among you. Yes, you know of what I speak of. I see it in your hollow stare, the fatigue of your limbs as they slowly ruin you. It seems that your trials have not yet been overcome and for that... I am sorry. I can only hope that these ill-effects will soon pass. Yes, hope is all I have to offer right now and this small task that I've been entrusted with. Don't let your hearts fall into despair, morning has come. It has already started with this union that I have stumbled upon by chance and it gladdens me even though this place seems to be bogged down by other misfortunes. ... Perhaps I should not talk of them, for the very word of them seems to ring throughout this place in pain. No, I am the Ring-Bearer and for once, that task gives me joy.

For today, Lady Marcy of the Purple Lake will take Master Graggh of the Festering Marshes as her husband. I suppose it does seem odd at first glance, but we must never judge a book by its cover, or I suppose you could say we mustn't judge Marcy by her hobbies. We all have some flaw in us that may seem striking and beyond our comprehension, but surely it's simply a matter of acceptance. And if Master Graggh, son of Braaaaaaaaains can love Marcy for all that she is, then the least we could do is show a little compassion. Come on! This is, as I said earlier, a new day. Let us be rid of our preconceptions and give them our blessings. If we continue to carry the weight of past sins, well then, I suppose no amount of light can clear a clouded mind. We mustn't close our eyes to what is before us and yes, that may be hypocritical of me, but I have passed through fire and whip and I have learned. And I am proud to give Master Graggh, son of Braaaaaaaaains this ring so that he may be wedded with no fear. Have you made your choices? Remember, you will need to live with them. As well as living with the new-found coupling. Don't try to avert your eyes for you can only veil yourself in your ignorance for so long.

I see you have changed your minds. Then we should see this through to the end. Now, Master Graggh, may I present you with your wedding ring. I wish you with everlasting peace and longevity ... more than you already have. And to Lady Marcy of the Purple Lake, I am glad you are no longer lonely.. No one should experience what it is like to be lonely? not even you. I've had my taste of it and it was bitter. I suppose, even though you are so far apart, the need to be together is strengthened?! to overcome such feelings. Yes, that's how it should be. Though, Master Graggh, a word of caution. You had better put a ring on her soon and I do hope that you can pinpoint which is her ring tentacle. Otherwise, this might be a shorter union than expected.

((votings! 51 in, 3 out))